Sunday, January 10, 2010


The first thing I hear as my 10 year old wakes me up this morning is What are we going to do today mom? Still a little rummy, thoughts run through my head like: movie? grocery shopping? skiing? road trip?...And then reality sets in. I pull myself out of bed and begin to think about other possibilities. We could take the bus to the mall, but, wait- we live in Utah, and the buses don't run on Sunday (practically nothing runs on Sunday in Utah.) My son suggests walking to the mall and then asks, Mom can we walk on the freeway? We could take a taxi somewhere. God, I feel like a loser!

Maybe it is just a change in perspective. Instead of thinking that I am stranded all day here with a bored 10 year old, I could think that I am going to spend a nice quiet day at home with my son. That sounds a little better. I mean, I know plenty of people that have the ability to drive and choose to stay at home anyway. They take pictures of themselves and their dog. They make candles out of teacups. My parents rarely leave the house and they seem fine with it. My son did say to me I mean, it's not like we would go anywhere even if you could drive. A bit cynical I think.

So laundry it is. And when that is finished, watching movies with Luke. Sounds pretty good actually. Life is a highway, and we are going to ride it all day long.

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  1. Nice. I like seeing this shift in perspective. I wish more people slowed down like that.

    If I may say so, Sunday was a great day to be at home! Here's what went down in my hood (which isn't too far from yours) I had my nieces come over for a bagel breakfast (provided by Einsteins on 15th), one of them plays guitar and sings so we had a little sing-a-long to some favorite Dylan tunes (sounds real hippie right? lame.), then we headed over to Sugar House for a movie at the dollar theater (don't ever see where The Wild Things Are), came home, said our good-byes, worked on a screenplay, read some Dostoyevsky, did a little laundry, and had a very fulfilling day.

    Would I rather that I had the ability to drive to the mall? (insert obvious answer here)