Saturday, January 16, 2010

Public Transportation

Public Transportation...

Today was the second day, in a row that I rode the bus to work. I found it very interesting how the clientele differed from one day to the next. Friday the bus was full of business men and women reading their books and papers, trying to capture just a few more minutes of filling their heads with information before they get to work. Saturday morning there was a much slower pace. The bus was still full, but with half asleep, or possibly still inebriated people that smelled of stale beer and old cigarettes. Maybe I should have thought of the bus before I hopped into my car after being at the bar.

I have to say, riding the bus was very convenient. I just walk literally outside my front door and catch one bus, ask the driver for a transfer (since I don't have a pass yet) jump on another bus, walk a couple blocks and I am at work. But don't worry, the mornings are cold and the air is terrible, so I still have plenty to complain about.

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