Tuesday, January 26, 2010



What an interesting place to visit. I wish I was back in 5th grade visiting the local court house. Not the case on January 26th when I made my 3rd appearence. Why do they even schedule a time? I made sure I was 10 minutes early for my 1:30 appointment. I sat quietly with my dad on one side and my attorney on the other. Finally, about 2:30 my attorney asked the judge if he would kindly call my case. I don't have a file on a Mae Roberts, he replied. Thank God, does that mean my case was thrown out? Ha! not a chance. Just another set of hoops for us to jump through. My attorney met breifly with the posecuting attorney and an agreement was made. Based on the evidence, the officer had no grounds to pull me out of the car and perform the field sobriety testing. That is good news right? The charge was reduced to a wreckless driving, the same charge you would get if you ran a red light. That is good news for my record, but they want to sentence me as if I was charged with a DUI. What that means for me is: $1500.00 fine, drug and alcohol classes and a minimum of 48 hours in jail. WTF! And, not to mention, the 120 day revocation still remains. The court system is backwards...

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  1. You're lucky you have a reduced charge. My brother got a DUI last year and my parents hired an attorney to see if they could have the charges reduced to wreckless driving but no such luck. Now he has to report it on every job application (sucks). The officer pulled him over for making a U-turn on a frontage road - so stupid & definitley not grounds for getting pulled over - granted he was in Utah County.