Saturday, January 2, 2010

How I got to work today

Statistics state that between 7pm and 3am on weekends, 10% of all drivers are impaired. Most Americans drink alcohol and over 80% of those admit to driving after drinking. I took a poll among my friends and family and about 95% of them admit to driving after drinking. I unfortunately, got caught.

What a way to end a great evening. Spending time with an old friend, going to watch one of our mutual friends' band play at a local bar. Driving home having great conversation and all of a sudden I am on the side of the highway standing on one foot counting to 30. What does saying the alphabet starting at D and ending at S say about being drunk or not drunk? And then there is jail...A full body search, mouth, hair, everything. Talk about humiliating. I am just glad I am not famous. I don't want my mug shots ending up on E.T.! Not pretty. The jailer pointed to the blue phones on the wall and told me to call a bondsman and someone to come and pick me up. The sign over the phones read something like, collect calls to land lines only. My question is who has a land line anymore, and if they do, who knows anyones phone number from memory? Don't you just go to your contact list on your cell phone and hit send? The only person I could call in that situation was my dad...On the bright side, I did feel like I was reliving my high school days. And maybe, just for a minute, dad felt 20 years younger too.

Time for bed, I have to get a good night sleep in preparation for my inaugural walk to work tomorrow!

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